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ORLA Members Receive 10% Off Advertising Campaigns

Grow your business by taking advantage of Oregonian Media Group’s marketing solutions. We give local businesses the ability to create effective advertising that runs alongside our trusted award-winning content from the #1 source for news and information in the Pacific Northwest. You’ve known us for our print capabilities; now discover how effective our multi-channel approach is at identifying and attracting customers throughout the consumer journey. We’re offering our fellow ORLA members the opportunity to run any of their marketing campaigns at a discount of 10% off open rates through December 31, 2022. First-time advertisers receive an additional 5% off of their first order. Contact Sean Sterling at ssterling@oregonian.com to discuss strategies, claim your discount, and start attracting new customers today!

Reference Number: ORLA
Expires: 12/31/2022

This is an exclusive members-only offer and is subject to approval by ORLA's Director of Business Development.