Hospitality Insurance Program (HIP) by Fournier Group
510 S.W. Fifth Ave., Suite 701
Portland, OR 97204
(503) 820-3471

Members receive a free comprehensive audit of insurance and risk management programs and can save an average of 10-15%. Be assured you are properly protected.

Every business needs insurance, but the hospitality industry encompasses a broad range of businesses with unique risk and liability exposures. The HIP from Risk Strategies’ Fournier Group was built by insurance experts who understand the industry and its unique needs. Protection and Advocacy: Today more than ever, the way businesses have been conditioned to buy insurance is broken and not getting results. HIP will protect and advocate for you. HIP has developed a method that allows owners to take back control of the buying process and control long term insurance pricing. As a result, you will be properly protected, you’ll stop buying insurance that does not work for you and build a foundation to be more productive and more profitable. Audit and Needs Assessments: Every operation is different. HIP's approach ensures members don’t have insurance gaps or too much insurance. Buying Power: HIP focuses on the strength of collective group premiums to maximize and leverage the insurance purchasing process and benefits. Simply Put: The focus will be to aggregate the collective member premiums into an Affinity program to leverage improvements in both cost and coverage. To learn about how HIP can help your business, contact Rob Hoover at 503.820.3415 or gethip@fourniergroup.com.

Reference Number: ORLA
Expires: 12/31/2024